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Cosmetic Testing is still profound in Australia and in many parts of the world. While less developed countries such as India have managed to ban animal testing- unfortunately Australia is still behind the bandwagon.

We know it is hard for one person to make a change, however we believe that if we all did one little thing to end this unnecessary torture then the world would be a happier place.

Choose to swap your products. Maybe not all your products, but one swap will potentially save one animal from cruelty. If you love your foundation but could use a different mascara- buy one from LUSH.

Recognising this need to make a little change everyday- Choose Cruelty Free Australia has developed an iOS and Android App that directs you straight to cruelty free products- taking the challenge out of navigating through the many products out there. In today’s world we know how hard it is to remember to eat your veggies- let alone filter, find and buy cosmetic products free from animal testing. We know that although we can tell you that brands such as KORA Organics and LUSH are all cruelty free- what about those other products such as cleaning supplies which aren’t? In response to this, Choose Cruelty Free Australia has released an app directing you straight to the products you need.

Including things like Animal Care, Baby Care and Cosmetics- the App takes the hassle away and provides you with a comprehensive and accurate Cruelty Free list- so really, there is no excuse for not doing one little thing to help the animals out there suffering!



4 thoughts on “App that!

  1. I do agree that testing cosmetics on animals is inhumane. Our campaign encourages not to use too much makeup. And me personally like to choose brands that do not test on animals too! Just bought Mario Badescu and Lush’s product, both not tested on animals 😀


  2. The Choose Cruelty Free App Australia seems like a great idea and incentive to get people actually thinking about their product choices if they have any interest in the incredibly harmful nature of cosmetic testing. There definitely needs to be more brands bringing awareness to this issue and advocating against animal cruelty! xx

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